Fünf Räume


mit Daniel Domig, Clemens Hollerer, Michael Kienzer, Zenita Komad, Valentin Ruhry und Esther Stocker

Fünf Räume presents five emerging artists who have been given the opportunity to transform a distinct space within the gallery of the Austrian Cultural Forum by creating new, site-specific installations. Rather than attempting to create a specific, and potentially narrow, theme for these works to conform to, these selected artists are given the freedom to display their work with few limitations. Thus, Fünf Räume (German for ‘Five Rooms’) allows viewers to experience something unique and original while at the same time providing a glimpse into each artist’s pluridisciplinary practice, primarily within painting, sculpture, and installation.  All participating artists live and work in Austria, and, despite their success and notoriety in Europe and elsewhere, have for the most part not yet been shown in the United States. Starting, as it were, at square one, the artists’ installations relate strongly to their previous bodies of work, exploring space, site-specificity and the third dimension. Additionally, the installations will present the intricate architecture of the Austrian Cultural Forum’s gallery space from a fresh perspective and will thus allow viewers to experience it in a new light.
Curators: David Harper and Andreas Stadler

Eröffnung: 23.5.2011

Austrian Cultural Forum New York
11 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022